When we started in this business, digital wireless telephony was a new phenomenon and experience didn't exist…we earned this by deploying the world's first commercial digital wireless radiotelephone system. Today, TXR is an established and reputable installation contractor known for quality performance, price competitiveness and reliability. We complete jobs efficiently, on-time and most importantly, correctly. We have more than 30 years of experience successfully managing and implementing wireless telecommunications infrastructures for telephone operating companies throughout the world. You can count on us to handle a broad spectrum of projects in:

  • Cellular and PCS Networks
  • UMTS and LTE
  • Fixed Wireless Systems
  • Telecom, Central Office and Customer Premise Equipment
  • E911
  • Alarm Systems




Our technical team has extensive background in telecommunications technologies with a track record of successfully handling difficult and diverse projects from beginning to end. We can provide:

  • Engineering, management and design services for network configurations, equipment specifications, facility requirements, implementation plans, project schedules, technical documentation, scopes of work, etc.
  • Engineer, furnish and install (EF&I) services for telecommunications systems and equipment.
  • RF engineering, site surveys, radio propagation mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) field surveys for wireless system deployments.

We bring you years of experience….use it to your advantage



"Proudly Serving the Communications and Electronics Industries since 2000"

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