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MultiMedia and Computer Animation

We know that people learn by developing mental models of the world, known as "Schemas". Documentation needs to ensure that this model is correct. Since our natural mental models are pictures and sounds more than words, text can often fail to develop the correct, complete schema.

This entertaining animation of a fanciful flight through a radio telephone system establishes a pictorial model that the customer can use to put technical information into context.

Some applications include:

  • Training
  • How-to Manuals (The "Virtual Manual")
  • Product Simulations
  • Sales Demonstrations

See our examples for ways computer animation can help you.

We can generate a computer simulation of a part or system from engineering drawings before the part is actually finished, minimizing interference with engineering efforts. Your customer can examine the part from any angle, at any magnification, in real time, and answer questions we don't even anticipate.

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