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We know the importance of the Internet in today's business world, and of the importance of having a corporate presence on the web. We can provide that for you. Design is an important aspect of web page development: a poor design will destroy a potential customer's confidence in your company. The most important aspects of design are content and usability. See our whitepaper on web design to find out how we will help you.


Developing a corporate Intranet is not about putting documents on the network. It is about developing an information plan for your company. If the different departments within your company cannot communicate with each other in a meaningful way, your company cannot thrive.

For example:

  • Bug reports: Customer support keeps a database of problems customers call with. This must be fed back to engineering and quality control quickly and efficiently, so that problems can be addressed, and your product can grow to meet your customer's needs.
  • Engineering change Reports: Many departments in your company need to know when product changes occur. Documentation must be updated, marketing and sales must be kept up-to-date.
  • Product Documentation: Complete, up to date documentation available On-Line to your engineers, technical support, and sales people will allow them to make decisions and provide services in a much more timely manner, keeping your customers happy and loyal.

We have experience developing the plan and making it work.

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