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Automation (Scripts)

We offer complete scripting services to automate your documentation processes. Both Microsoft and Corel provide extensive programming languages for their applications. Microsoft Office, CorelDraw, WordPerfect, can all be customized to carry out your documentation procedures.

In addition, if another application you are using has a documented API (Application Programming Interface), that too can be automated within the limits of its design.

Since this installation manual followed a predictable structure, we could automate generating an index. Following the Subject-Verb-Object formula of procedural writing, you select all the nouns and verbs relevant to that page. The script inserts the index codes in every permutation, and moves to the next page. Using this script, we inserted over 1300 index entries in about 15 minutes. This freed our indexer from the rote entries to work on the more creative aspects of a truly usable index: Cross references, synonym lists, conceptual information, etc.

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