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We provide turnkey services for all phases of your wireless projects….

Our Project Management and Engineering Team brings you years of experience in the design, engineering and implementation of wireless systems. We develop the most economical implementation plan for your project by optimizing the RF engineering design with your infrastructure and resource constraints. Our turnkey services can provide you an easy and economical means to complete your wireless project in industries such as:

  • Cellular and PCS
  • Wireless Local Loop
  • Wireless Data and PBX
  • Microwave and Paging systems

We design the system to meet your specific needs….

Our history of successful projects required our wireless design and implementation expertise to satisfy such diverse requirements as:


  • UHF and microwave frequencies
  • Rural and urban environments
  • Macro and micro cell sizes
  • Indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Fixed and mobile applications
  • TDMA and CDMA technologies
  • Point/point systems and point/multi-point systems
  • Domestic and international deployments



The RF engineers in our Maproom are fully equipped with computer based prediction tools and terrain data for cell planning. We can apply several different published radio propagation models or our own proprietary models to match your requirements.



We plot color coded Area Coverage Analyses (ACA) on acetate to overlay on topographical maps. The color coding is specifically keyed to estimate the radio coverage, interference and RF signal levels.

We perform field surveys to verify the design plan.

To guarantee the design and performance of your wireless project we recommend field surveys early during the initial planning phase. Our field engineers gather data through propagation signal measurements and frequency monitoring, using GPS receivers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators and more. To prevent implementation delays, we inspect and survey tower sites and equipment facilities to verify the detailed engineering requirements and job site preparations are completed.

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