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Electronic Repair

Repair of RF Equipment from VHF to Microwave

We repair and test analog and digital devices down to the component level. We are equipped to handle both through-hole and fine-pitch surface mount devices. We track revision level and perform upgrades as required.



Our technicians are trained in accordance with IPC-A-610B Surface Mount Solder and Rework Standards.

A typical assembly will go through the following steps:

  1. Receipt of assembly from customer
  2. Log receipt in Return Material Authorization (RMA) database
  3. Check current revision level against Engineering Change Notices (ECNs)
  4. Visually inspect for damage
  5. Test assembly
  6. Repair or replace damaged/faulty components as necessary
  1. Upgrade as required
  2. Log failure information into database
  3. Assembly test and burn-in
  4. QA inspection
  5. Return assembly to customer

All repaired equipment comes with a 90-day warranty.

Each project has fully documented procedures to ensure quality.

Custom Test fixtures

We can develop specialized test fixtures as required to ensure quick and consistent results.

Left: A typical production assembly. Right: The same board in a test fixture we developed. Repair turn-around increased 10-fold using the fixture.

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