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Engineering Issues

We track repair information and generate reports regularly. This feedback to your quality and engineering staff facilitates product improvement and results in increased customer satisfaction. Issues we track include:

  • Failure trends: This allows you to see where improvements are needed.
  • Revision Levels: We keep track of revision levels to make sure everything going out into the field is up-to-date.
  • Bug Reports: When things don’t function like they’re designed to, you need to know as soon as possible. We track that information for you.

We manage the information essential to your success in the marketplace.

Feedback is essential to improve system quality. This failure trend report shows the positive impact of efficient feedback to your quality staff.

Operations Issues

We track operational issues such as:

  • Billing: We handle all billing for you.
  • Warranty information: We take care of all warranty repairs and know when a system is in and out of warranty.
  • Component stock: We keep track of all inventory so you are guaranteed a quick response to field emergencies.

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